A Tour of the Blue John Caves

The Blue John Cavern at Castleton in the Peak District is world famous. It is home to 8 of the 14 known varieties of Blue John stone. Minerals have been mined here for centuries and continues to be in the winter months.

The tour of the cavern commences with the descent of a short flight of steps through a man-made passageway some fifteen yards in length, and from the foot of this stairway visitors pass at once into the beginning of the natural caverns. From this point on the awe-inspiring majesty of the Caverns can be appreciated.

The Grand Crystallised Cavern Is dome shaped and lofty with mineral colourings and markings which resemble a tree trunk sawn across.

The Waterfall Cavern The whole left-hand side of the cavern is covered in stalagmitic formations looking like a frozen waterfall. The high roof is richly coloured with iron oxide deposits.

Located in Castleton, Blue John Cavern is around 1 hour and 15 minutes from Manchester by coach.

Coach from Manchester Central will depart at 8.45am arriving at Blue John Cavern approximately 9.45am-10.00am. The tour starts at 10.15am. The coach will be leaving at 11.30am to return to Manchester for approximately 12.45pm.

This half day tour is £50 per person including transport and entry into the Blue John Cavern. Please note no food or refreshments are included in your ticket price. Friendly reminder, there are 245 steps in and out of the cave.

Minimum numbers for this tour – 20


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