Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

Inner Wheel may request personal data for the purpose of registering you for Conference or Assembly, such as contact information, dietary requirements or access provisions. This will be collected, with consent, via the event registration form, which will advise you of the personal information required.

The information is stored securely on the Inner Wheel database and will be accessible by Inner Wheel to enable you to be registered for the Conference/Assembly effectively. Basic information may be shared with event coordinators to enable notified requirements to be managed.

All personal information requested in relation to registration for events will be retained during the registration period, and both paper and electronic records will be deleted within 3 months of the event having taken place.

IP Address Lookup

When you visit our websites we will record your IP address. This address will be matched against public and proprietary IP address databases to provide us with information about your visit. This information may identify the organisation to whom the IP address is registered but not individuals. In some limited cases, ie single person companies, it may be possible to identify personal data from publicly available ICANN data.

Website Cookies and Link Tracking

Cookies are small files that are sent to your PC, mobile phone or tablet when you visit a website. They stay on your device and are sent back to the website they came from when you visit it again. Cookies collect data and send it to us while you use the site. These are written into mobile apps and web pages that you go to on your device.

The Convention Website uses cookies. The site uses session cookies that cannot be disabled. These cookies are used to collect statistical information about visitors of the website and the pages they view. These cookies don’t collect information that identifies a visitor (i.e. no IP address is collected). The information these cookies collect is aggregated and used anonymously.

By using your browser controls, you are always in control of the cookies we store and access on your computer. More information on how to control cookies and limit personal data processing can be found at

Each piece of information that is sent is a Hit, and has a Client ID attached. Google Analytics then looks for hits that have the SAME Client ID, and it connects hits that occur during the same time period into Sessions.

A User, or a unique Client ID, will have anywhere from one to many sessions that are associated with a particular user. However nowhere is that information logged and so could not be hijacked by a third party in order to identify anyone.

By using our Website, you are agreeing to the above terms.