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Getting to Know the City


The region has a temperate climate and is enjoyable to visit at any time of the year. Overall, spring (late March to early June) and autumn (September to November) are the best times, when it is usually warm and dry. Manchester has a generally mild climate.

At its best in spring, the landscape begins to flourish with tulips, narcissus & lupins. After May Day (1st May), the weather warms up, smaller towns & cities come to life & festivals & markets are held all across the UK. The British boast exquisite gardens & once things have come into flower, these horticultural creations are at their finest.

Average May day temperature 60.7°F
Average May night temperature 45.9°F
Number of rainy days 6 days
Precipitation total 2.6 in
Average wind speed 10.2mph
Average daily sunny hours 7.5 hours

Manchester Coat of Arms

The worker bee is one of the best-known symbols of Manchester. Unique to the city, it has been an iconic part of Manchester’s coat of arms since 1842 when it was adopted by the newly-created council. The Manchester bee is the worker bee, for this is a city that grew on the notion of hard work.

There are many examples of bees adorning some of Manchester’s finest buildings. The city’s coat of arms can be seen all over the city, featuring a globe coated with bees. In the Town Hall, the platform outside the Great Hall is called The Bees and is decorated appropriately.

The bee was important for the city as a symbol of co-operation and the belief that societies can only accomplish difficult tasks when they work together.

Currency & Taxes

The currency in the UK is British Pounds (GBP). All major credit cards are
widely accepted in the UK. Value Added Tax (VAT) of 20% applies to all consumer goods and is included in retail prices.


The Convention does not provide any travel or health insurance to delegates. We advise that you take out the necessary insurance before travelling to the UK to cover any medical or travel expenses you may incur.

VISA Requirements

International delegates may have to apply for a Standard Visitor UK Visa costing £100. Visitors need to possess a valid passport and may be asked to provide the following information:

  • the dates of travel and accommodation
  • cost of the trip
  • current address
  • parents’ names and dates of birth
  • salary information
  • details of travel history
  • employer’s address and telephone number
  • partner’s personal details
  • details of any family members in the UK
  • details of any criminal or civil offences

Visitors must apply online no more than 3 months before travelling. More information can be found at: www.gov.uk/standard-visitor/apply-standard-visitor-visa

Manchester Transport Links

Manchester has an excellent transport network of local bus, rail and tram services, all operating at very reasonable costs and with discounts for senior. It’s easy to plan your journey across all forms of transport, thanks to Transport for Greater Manchester

For such a major city, Manchester is surprisingly simple to get around. The city centre is accessible on foot from our venue, or you can use the cycle lanes and travel around quickly by bike.

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